Classroom Placement Request

Classroom placement requests should only be submitted if based on a valid educational, medical or behavioral reason.

Request Forms
Johnson Elementary
Lexington Elementary
Scottsburg Elementary
Vienna-Finley Elementary

The appeal process is available only if an initial request was properly submitted to the school and the request was denied.

Appeal Form (after denied request)


Parent Notice

Creating classroom rosters for next school year (2019-20) will occur during the month of May. The placement of students into specific classes is based upon many factors (e.g., ability of students, achievement levels, learning needs, gender, number of students, and so forth). It is a priority of each elementary school to balance each class within each grade level based upon these and additional factors.  

School staff and administration carefully consider all factors related to each individual child as rosters are created. However, parents may be aware of additional information not already known by the school and which should be considered prior to creating class rosters. Therefore, parents have the opportunity to share additional information and submit a specific request related to their child’s placement within a classroom for a valid educational, medical or behavioral reason.

Guidelines for submission of additional information and a specific request:

1. Forms to submit additional information and a specific request are now available at the school office and through the link above 2. Submit the completed form to the principal’s office no later than April 8 3. Requests for a child to be placed in a specific classroom will be considered for approval if based on a valid educational, medical or behavioral reason with which the school agrees A. Provide details about the child’s specific needs along with reasons why the specific classroom teacher is uniquely qualified to meet those needs

B. Within 10-14 days, determination letters will be mailed to parents if a specific classroom was requested as described above