Technology Initiative


Technology Initiative

Scott County School District 2 is a digital learning leader!

SCSD2 is a transformational leader in 21st century learning. We are migrating from text-driven instruction to digitally-enhanced instruction and preparing our students to be productive, 21st century digital citizens. To this end, SCSD2 supplies students with a variety of digital learning opportunities during their K-12 years.


SCSD2 is pursuing a "blended learning" program. We intend to capitalize on digital opportunities while still providing the face-to-face relational support between students, teachers, and parents. We believe in the magic spark that can ignite when students and teachers discuss, explore, and create together. We are not a virtual school district. We want students to join us, in person, every day! 

Our technology initiative is guided by five principal outcomes. Students will have increased access to technology for the purposes of

  • increasing engagement,
  • increasing individual learning opportunities,
  • increasing 21st century skill development,
  • decreasing the digital divide in the community, and
  • increasing achievement.
Curriculum and Instruction:
At SCSD2, textbooks are not evil... they are just not enough. We want our students to have daily access to relevant, accurate, and interactive content that supports learner mastery of the New Indiana State Standards and other curriculum standards. To this end, SCSD2 has recently engaged in a curriculum review. Teachers have collaboratively reviewed and organized our quarterly curriculum topics and learning targets. This information can be found in Canvas and Pivot.  
Over the past year, classroom teachers have devoted extensive time to creating digital learning activities, curating digital resources, and connecting learners to material and to each other. SCSD2 uses Canvas as our primary Learning Management System for digital learning. All classroom teachers have classroom group pages and use Canvas as their home for content, assessments, enrichment, and social media activities. 
Also critical to the success of our instructional program is the use of several cloud-based programs such as Google Docs, Evernote, eBackpack, and Canvas. Students in the district use a variety of paid subscription programs (Renaissance Learning, IXL, Study Island, Gizmos Science) and similar free programs to support learners. iPad users access a variety of apps (neuAnnotate and Evernote) that are identified for deployment by classroom teachers. Apple products such as Pages, Keynote, iMovie, and Garageband are also used extensively by our students and staff.
Scottsburg High School students in grades 9-12 each carry Macbook Air laptops 24/7. iPads 4's and Macbook Air laptops are used at Scottsburg Middle School. Students have individual iPads 24/7 and they share team sets of Macbook Airs in their classrooms.
The technology initiative has rolled into the elementary schools in a variety of formats. 24/7 access to iPads is provided for all students in grades 3-5. Students in grades K-2 have iPad Mini's that are used during the school day. These devices in grades K-2 will go home at different times during the school year. Each elementary has at least one Macbook Air cart of 30 laptops. Our district plan is to continue to increase digital opportunities to our students each year.
To support their 21st century learning, teachers are all assigned individual Macbook laptops. All teachers also have iPads as teaching tools. All SCSD2 classrooms have overhead LCD projectors and document cameras which are very helpful in bringing digital learning opportunities to students as well.

Professional Development:

Instructional transformation does not occur simply by handing a teacher a mobile device. The goal of professional development at SCSD2 is to support teachers as 21st century learners and to increase teacher effectiveness and student learning by maximizing digital learning opportunities. 
Specific details about the broadly based staff development program can be found at the Professional Development link on the right.
Both anecdotal and hard data regarding the initiative will be periodically updated in the results tab. SCSD2 is tracking achievement, attendance, and engagement measures in regard to our digital program.

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