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Transfer Student Policy

Scott County School District 2 will accept transfer students until May 30 of the current school year. Scott County School District 2 does not have grade level caps in place but does retain the right of assignment to help balance class sizes to provide the best learning environment for every student enrolled in its school district. Denial or Discontinued Enrollment of Out-of-District Transfer Students

Denial or Discontinued Enrollment of Transfer Students

In compliance with state statute IC 20-26-11-32(j) and district policy 5111, a request for an out-of-district student to transfer to Scott County School District 2 may be denied, discontinued in the current or subsequent school year, or may be subject to terms or conditions for current or continued enrollment, if the student:

1. has been suspended or expelled:
a. for any reason(s) a total of ten (10) or more school day during the preceding  twelve (12) months; or,
b. for possession of a firearm, deadly weapon, or a destructive device; or,
c. for causing physical injury to a student, a school employee, or a school visitor; or,
d. for a violation of the school’s drug or alcohol rules; or,
2. has a history of unexcused absences and the school district believes that, based upon the location of the student’s residence, attendance would be a problem for the student if enrolled or continued to be enrolled.

The above-referenced state statute and district policy, as well as these written guidelines, apply to the enrollment of out-of-district transfer students at Scott County School District 2 and does not impact the student’s ability to enroll in the school district in which they legally reside.